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We are Palm Beach Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Palm Beach, FL. Our wildlife control company fully understands the risks associated with wildlife, including their ability to spread diseases to humans. These may include Salmonella, Histoplasmosis, Leptospirosis, and others. As such, we help you remove the animals from your property before they can spread disease. We also help you overcome problems, like a lawn that is destroyed by the presence of a mole or groundhog. It is actually fairly common for moles, groundhogs, and even squirrels to destroy landscaping or gardens via their normal daily actions. Or we can prevent rats, mice, and squirrels from chewing on your electrical wires by removing them. We also have extensive experience removing animals from attics. If you notice sounds coming from your attic at night, this may be a sign of squirrels, rats, or raccoons up there. If you have a critter on your property that requires trapping and removal, we will take care of this, relocating the animal a minimum of ten miles away to discourage it from returning. Upon arrival at your property, we will inspect every single inch of the home and property. Our 32-point inspection process is comprehensive and ensures that we spot every area that an animal may use to get inside your home.
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Our Service Range

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Palm Beach Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Why You Shouldn't Use Poison Against Rodents

You probably want to get rid of the rodent in your ceiling since it is currently your biggest problem. In case you are just in the process of considering your options, we highly discourage you from using poisons and toxic chemicals since it will lead to a bigger problem. Poisons can kill untargeted animals and can expose the other wildlife to secondary poisoning. It can contaminate the land and water source. It can also cause accidental poisoning.

Reasons Why Poison Should Never Be Used as a Rodent Control Method
While there are different control methods to choose from, most people still resort to the use of poison. It is not difficult to find a rodenticide in your local store. There’s no restriction in buying them and can be availed at a cheap cost. However, it should not be treated as a solution for an infestation due to the different adverse effect that it can cause.

Threats of Poisons to the Kids
One of the first reasons why you should stay away from the use of poisons is the hazards towards the kids. Accidental poisoning can lead to a life-threatening scenario if not provided with the appropriate medical care. Based on the latest report, more than 50% of the emergency call related with poisoning involves children under the age of five. A shocking 90% of the accidental poisoning that involves kids happens at home. Therefore, we encourage our clients to avoid the use of the poison. Poison ingestion will not always show signs. In case you suspect that your kid has ingested a poison, take him to the hospital immediately.

Poison: An Indiscriminate Killer
Rodenticide are packed with powerful toxic ingredient and they will not discriminate. While you may not have kids in your house, other animals can also accidentally ingest the poison. With their sweet scent, other animals will be attracted to the poison. For instance, the dogs can eat anything. It will not be impossible for them to think that the poison is edible. Other animals can also encounter a poisoned rodent that will expose them to secondary poisoning. Therefore, professionals will not advise the use of the poison when dealing with all types of infestation.

Trouble in Dealing with Dead Rodent
Another main reason why you shouldn’t use poison is the trouble that comes in disposing the dead rodent. When using a trap, the body will be contained in the trap. On the contrary, when you use poison, you will have to locate the dead body of the rodent. Usually, a sick rodent will leave the nest to avoid infecting the other members of the colony. They will be dying in the tight and obscure areas of our house. If you can’t find the body, you will have to deal with the decaying stench for more than a month. Poison is not considered a solution. Even if you are successful in eradicating the current infestation, another creature will move inside your house if you failed to solve the root of the problem.