Can Juvenile Skunks Spray

In case you look at the skunks, you will think that it is an unassuming and harmless creature. They are furry creature that will appear adorable. Nonetheless, the skunks are known for their ability to spray their noxious musk. It is a body fluid that will not be easy to get rid of. A skunk will only use their spray when defending. This means that they will only use this when they are threatened, surprised, or frightened.


What Age Can Skunk Spray
The Floirda skunks will develop their ability to release their spray at an early age. The spray has an oily property that reacts on water. Therefore, the scent of the spray will be more prominent when you wash it with water. This will be released by a gland found under their tail. After only a few weeks old, some juvenile skunks will be able to fire a mild spray. After about 3 months old, they will be able to understand their spraying defense.

Why Do Skunks Spray?
Regardless if you need to deal with a juvenile skunk or a mature skunk, spraying will be a natural behavior of the Palm Beach skunk. They will not be spraying other animals in order to disrupt their activities. They prefer to keep away from other animals and humans. Once they are cornered, they can defend themselves with their musk. The skunk will spray if they have been startled or if they are frightened. They can also use this if they are feeling a sense of discomfort.

Signs of Spraying
Simply because the Palm Beach skunk is young, this does not instantly mean that it will not be spraying. Since the spray of the skunks will be limited, it will usually show signs that it is about to shoot its spray. They will first hiss and shriek. They may also thump their foot several times. Once they raised their tail, this is a sign that they will attack with their spray. If you see these signs, you should avoid them at all costs. Achieving Sexual Maturity

Skunks will be able to use their spray before they even reach their sexual maturity. The skunks can reproduce once they are 10 months old. The average maturity of the skunks is about the same for the male and female. Based on the study, this will take at about 335 days.

The starting age for their spray is highly varied. There are baby skunks that will be capable of releasing them once it feels like it is being threatened by its surroundings. However, as we mentioned above, it will take around 3 months before they will fully realize this skill. Around this time, they can now hunt foods together with their mother skunk.

Our pets are the likely victim of the skunk’s spray. Due to our dog’s territorial behavior, they will immediately attack any creatures that have invaded their territory. You should consult your vet during their situation. They will be providing you a set of instructions to create a solution that will negate the effect of the spray.

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